We’re on the verge of a redefinition of connectivity in India, part of the nation’s leapfrogging via Digital India, 5G ambitions and more.

However, we can’t redefine connectivity without resolving the complexity these innovations bring to networks. As Ciena’s Ryan Perera pointed out, network operators in India are struggling to gain greater control over an increasingly complex network environment. At Ciena we have visualized this complexity and believe network providers must strive to achieve a more adaptive network. This will prepare India for the rise and mobility of a data accompanying the country’s digital revolution.

Constructing an adaptive network requires technology advancements addressed by Ciena’s two most recent announcements:

  • We announced significant enhancements to our Packet Networking portfolio with Adaptive IP, support for coherent optics, and several new purpose-built hardware platforms. These arm service providers with the ability to capitalize on 5G, the Internet of Things and other applications key to Digital India.
  • We’ve also added to Ciena’s existing Blue Planet Management portfolio new Layer 3 Route Optimization & Assurance capabilities, obtained from the recent acquisition of Packet Design, for improved network designs, operation, and management, from end-to-end and from Layer 0 to Layer 3.

Our purpose-built platforms offer an optimized mix of speeds, feeds, switching capacity, indoor/outdoor environmental tolerances, timing, and other features that are simple to deploy, manage and maintain. By offering new capabilities that streamline packet network designs to reduce overall cost and operational complexity, our Packet Networking portfolio provides operators with an open, scalable, and programmable infrastructure layer that is foundational to an adaptive network that grows smarter, more agile, and more responsive every day.

At India Mobile Congress this year, we spoke with industry attendees about the pressure to solve these network complexities. Highlights included:

Ciena’s Ryan Perera spoke on a panel titled, “Enabling Futuristic Networks – Reducing Complexity to Redefine Connectivity”. This topic resonates with how Ciena enables orchestration and automation, network slicing, and the ability for service creation. In the panel, Ryan offered tips to operators on how to build an open, programmable network infrastructure that is not only standards based but integrates vendor-agnostic software solutions. Such solutions provide operators with an intelligent yet simplified abstraction of their increasingly complex network environment. This enables faster service delivery and optimized network and operational costs.

At our booth, we showcased innovations within our Adaptive Network strategy. We had a lot of great discussions with customers on how the Adaptive Network enables operators to face the challenges of transformation, automation and analytics, and virtualization head on.

To learn more about how Ciena’s new significant enhancements to Ciena’s Packet Networking portfolio can help you to accelerate the modernization of your legacy network to the packet network of the future, contact our Ciena team.