India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market with more than 1.17 billion subscribers, and 825 million broadband subscribers2. And these numbers are rising, leading to a demand surge and an indication for telecom operators to prepare their network architectures to meet future demands and use cases.  At the India Mobile Congress, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said3, “The new Digital India will not just be a consumer of 5G but will spearhead the development and implementation of new technology.” This concept is built on four pillars: device affordability, digital connectivity, cost of data, and a digital-first approach for last-mile connectivity.

Aligned with the government’s vision, Ciena has started local manufacturing of select routing & switching products in India, contributing to the local telecom market.

"By 2025, a digitally driven India has the potential to add US$1 Trillion to the economy each year. Service providers (SPs) are going to make a significant investment, which will help India realize its potential, to cover every city across India, with 5G. Ciena is working behind the scenes with all SPs, with a local presence of more than 15 years. 2023 onwards, select routing and switching Ciena products will be designed, engineered, and manufactured in India – we’re very proud of that."

- Jason Phipps, SVP, Global Customer Engagement, Ciena, at IMC 2022

Ciena sees a growing interest from customers in our automation-centric routing and switching portfolio because of the rise in 5G use cases and applications (in e-Governance, fintech, e-healthcare, gaming, Industry 4.0, OTT platforms, AR/VR, metaverse and more). By manufacturing locally, Ciena is bringing these products and the supply chain closer to the customers in India, with the intention of improving the customer experience.

For Ciena, ‘Customer First’ is the key to our success. Having worked and contributed towards India’s telecom landscape over the last 15 years, our success stories have made us one of the preferred choices of all Tier-1 operators in India. With over 2400+ employees, 2000+ R&D specialists, and 200+ patent filings, we have the right credentials to partner with operators in their 5G journey, as they roll out their 5G network. In 2023, our 15 years + commitment is enroute to an even stronger relationship with our Make in India vision.

We have the expertise and know-how to ensure a profitable business case to make your vision of the future a reality.

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